November 6

Quitting Drinking? Here’s the Best Way to Track Your Progress

The second video I made in my "How I Quit Drinking Alcohol Journey" series, I spoke about not counting the days sober, but the replacement habit instead. (This one: Stop Counting The Days

In this video I take it a fee steps further and suggest to track 3 other metrics instead.

  1. Track your Exercise 💪
  2. Track your Finances 💰
  3. Track your Emotions 😖🤬🥳  (Here is how: Introspection)

With data in these areas of your life you will have everything you need to live the best life possible.

This takes quitting alcohol far beyond staying sober, and into personal development.

00:00 How to Quit Alcohol Update
00:26 Not counting is impossible
00:53 Tracking 3x Replacement Habits
01:34 Exercise Plan-Track-Assess
04:38 Money In - Money Out
05:42 Track Emotions - Journal
06:08 Epic Life Trajectory
08:03 Embracing Life's Challenges
09:11 One At A Time
10:05 Track your Calories
11:20 That's it!


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I’m not good enough!

I’m not good enough!

15min Journaling – Join me

15min Journaling – Join me
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