June 20

Stop Counting Your Alcohol Free Days!

Quitting Alcohol is not easy, especially not when you doing it alone. Join me on my sobriety journey and learn from my wins and fails of the past.

In this video I discuss the benefits of habit tracking and how when done right it can lead not only to the sobriety you seek, but also a better life in general.

Key Points:

  • Don't track your sobriety
  • Track the replacement habit
  • Use an App like habit share or streaks or a white board
  • Acknowledge milestones (long green streaks)
  • Mentally prepare for failure (it will happen)
  • Recover from failure fast - no shame- Start small, with one or two habits
  • Find your habit stack limit

Video Chapters:

00:00 Quit Drinking Alcohol
00:19 Habit Tracking
00:56 Track The Replacement Habit
02:20 A Habit Tracking System
02:43 Benefit 1: Positive Record
03:06 Benefit 2: Avoid Failure
04:25 Mindset: Accept Failure
04:53 Perfect Habit Stack Tips
06:12 My Quit Alcohol Habit Stack
06:46 Habit Tracking Video Summary
07:12 What's Next?


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