November 13

3 Best & 3 Worst Things about Quitting Alcohol

This videos contains my three best and the three worst things about quitting alcohol.

This exercise was a way to reframe and discover the deeper underlying benefits alcohol was providing me.

3 Best Things About Quitting Alcohol

  • Dramatic Weight Loss
  • No More Time Lost to Hangovers
  • Clarity, Focus & Forward Momentum

3 Worst things about Quitting Alcohol

  •  no off-switch, no escape (raw dogging life)
  • everything is milder and more boring
  • everything is harder to do

Video Chapters

00:00 3 Best & Worst Things about Quitting Alcohol
00:40 Best #1: Dramatic Weight Loss
02:02 Best #2: No More Hangovers
03:47 Best #3: Mental Clarity
05:06 Worst #1: No Escape!
07:26 Worst #2: No Crazy Adventure!
09:40 Worst #3: Life seemed easier!
10:43 Benefits of Alcohol
12:56 Building the Skills Needed


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15min Journaling – Join me
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