You in Lisbon?

A Life Beyond The Grind 

The Journey to Work Life Balance

Do you struggle with finding the balance between work and play?

All work, work, work!

You don't want to lose focus on making income, but also don't want to miss out on the good times.
I know the feeling:  Constant state of FOMO.

How do others seem to have it figured out?

I used to be a devote to the hustle culture grind. I took great pride in my ability to work really hard. But I was indeed missing out in life. My relationship and my ability to enjoy downtime where both taking a huge knock. Consequently I found myself slowly slipping into drinking too much alcohol. The only way I knew how to switch off. At one point I was convinced I was an alcoholic.

Truth is.... I was actually a workaholic.

I never stopped working or thinking about work. 

And even when I did travel or do adventurous things I was so consumed with the need to capture it as some "part of the business". I never truly lived in the moment and enjoyed things as they were.

A simple shift in mindset and a focus on self-awareness, focus, and accountability changed everything. 

It's a process.

step 1


You have to know what you really want

Having a clear understanding of what you want is a crucial step towards personal and professional success. When you know what you want, you are able to set specific, attainable goals and work towards them with focus and determination. Without clarity, it's easy to get lost in distractions and end up achieving nothing. Gaining clarity allows you to prioritise your time, energy, and resources effectively, and to make decisions that align with your values and aspirations. It's a powerful tool for creating a life of purpose and fulfilment.

step 2


Develop focus as a skill 

Focus is the key to getting more done in less time and with less effort. By honing your ability to concentrate, you can prioritize what truly matters and eliminate distractions, freeing up your mental and physical energy to achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. Whether it's at work or in your personal life, developing a strong focus can help you get more out of each day and feel more accomplished and in control.

step 3


Accountability ties it all together

Accountability is crucial to successful adventures, whether you're exploring the world or pursuing a personal goal. When you share your journey with others, it creates a support system that holds you accountable to your actions and progress. This not only keeps you motivated but also fosters meaningful connections and shared experiences that enhance the overall experience.

The Three Day Lisbon Work-Adventure

Join me for a transformational 3-day journey where I'll show you how to bring fun into your everyday life while still getting the job done. Experience hands-on learning and integration of the practices I use daily for a balanced life of work, play, and personal growth. 

It's an experience.

Day 1 Sunday 

Top of the Hill: GoaL SETTING

Travel to Sintra in the morning. Hike through the forest to a secret spot. Enjoy healthy coffee & brunch picnic provided by me.
Engage in an introspection exercise. Together we will workshop a list of personal life priorities & a work plan for the work week ahead. 

Day 2 Monday

Cafe Co-work: Get Focussed

Meet at Estrela Basilica Gardens in the fresh of the morning. Participate in an Animal-Flow Movement Class.
Go to cafe. Have coffee & a light breakfast.
Introspection: Highest Priority. Followed by Deep Focus Session.  
Lunch & Return to park for afternoon staff spinning class.

Day 3 Tuesday

PLAY day: Surf & Focus

On day three we put into practice what we have learnt. 

Travel to Costa da Caparica.
Coffee/light lunch at beach - set goal for day. 

Surf lesson/session. Lunch. Breath-work. Deep Focus. Return home.

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