July 11

When Quitting Alcohol Feels Impossible!

Life is full of ups and downs. These ups and downs are more intense when you're trying to kick a bad habit and even more so with an addiction. After quitting alcohol 3 weeks ago everything was going fine until it wasn't.

In this video I address what happened, and what I did to get back out of a severe mood downturn.

The hardest part of quitting alcohol (& how I deal with it)

00:00 I quit Drinking Alcohol
00:16 When times get tough
01:12 I just want to be alone
02:15 I'm reaching burnout
03:08 Too Much Pressure
04:26 Not practicing what I preach
05:17 Introspective Writing
05:50 What do I want?
06:27 Categorising the demands on me
07:30 Expectation to be better
08:04 I want to be better, not them!
08:57 An Action Plan!!!
10:00 It's not easy.
11:19 Journaling is like an anti-depressant
12:34 Life is a difficult adventure


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15min Journaling – Join me
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