Stop editing your videos!

You film, I'll do the rest.

Save your valuable time by eliminating the most

tedious aspect of content marketing.

Helping Busy Entrepreneurs Grow an Audience

πŸ’Έ Imagine a horde of people waiting to buy your product!

Harsh Reality:  You have a great product, you've made some good marketing content, but nobody can find any of it.

Those videos you created months ago are a drop in the stormy ocean that is the internet. With some luck, some of your efforts might get a little attention and you might make a few sales, but this is never going to draw the lead generation you need to keep your business alive in the long term. 

Deep down inside, you know:

"Content marketing is only effective when

it is consistent and constantly improving."

The Issue:  Building an audience, especially on YouTube, is as much work as the rest of your entire business.

If not more!

Especially that damn time-consuming video editing!

Q. What can you do?

A. Get rid of the part that does not need you.

⚠️ The Ultimate Leverage: Outsource Your Editing βš οΈ 

You are the expert of your niche, product and business.

That is why you are the best person to film your content.

Leave the editing and publishing to a Visual Storytelling Technician

a.k.a video editor


Far more than just an editing service.

Your time is your most precious resource. There is no doubt that video editing is the most time consuming skill of content marketing, but it is definitely not the only part you can outsource.

If you're too pressed for time to master professional editing and seek to enhance your business, rest assured that when you sign with me, you'll receive the following comprehensive benefits:

Strategy Sessions

I help you devise a YouTube strategy. You will receive a list of video ideas and a solid content plan.  

Brand Styling

We will lock down the fonts, brand colours, overlays, imagery and sounds that make your content uniquely yours.

Short Form Videos

Shorts are the best way to attract attention, test new ideas, gauge audience interests and grow a following fast.

Long Form Videos

Long videos are what you need to build trust with your audience. Provide value upfront and build a fan base.


Increase engagement by experimenting with trends, video types, hooks, sounds and CTAs.

Publishing Schedule

I upload, prep, schedule and publish your videos on YouTube according to the chosen strategy.


To help your videos get found I include title, keyword, hashtag & thumbnail suggestions.

Data & Feedback

I keep track of what is and isn't working. Feedback is vital for growing a channel.

πŸ“¦  How many videos do you want to publish? πŸ“¦

I work with month-to-month editing service packages to deliver the highest quality content possible.
Note: All my packages carry the same price.

Each πŸ“¦ includes a group of professionally edited videos published to your YouTube Channel.
All πŸ“¦ videos are published over 4 to 6 weeks of purchase.

Here are 4 options to choose from:

1. THE EXPLORER πŸ§‘β€πŸš€

You want to get your content marketing campaign started, but are not sure what type of videos will get the most attention.

The Explorer πŸ“¦ focusses on a burst of short videos to test various topics and video ideas within your niche to gauge interest and growth potential. (Don't worry, I will help you create this list.)

The winning video gets made into a long form video in the last week.


  • 16 x short videos - 4 published every week 
  • 1 x long video - published in week 5


Once you are confident that you are publishing the right kind of content and you want to grow your audience, it’s time to lock in for the long run and just keep publishing consistently.

The Long Gamer πŸ“¦  is a proven healthy mix of short and long form content to maintain steady growth.

If you keep this up for a couple of months and keep using the feedback and data to continuously fine-tune your videos you will see your audience grow.


  • 12 x short videos - 3 published every week
  • 2 x long videos - published bi-weekly


You want to go hard and fast! Time to create loads short form content.

YT shorts are your bread and butter. The Sprinter πŸ“¦ gets out as many as possible.

If the edit format is simple we can negotiate to increase the output to publish up to 2 per day.

40 shorts a month is possible for same price.

Let's talk.


+/- 20 x short videos - daily publishing


The YouTuber πŸ“¦ is ideal for someone trying to get their footing in educational, vlog or podcast style content.

You take the depth of your content seriously.

One video a week is a winning recipe for growing a channel. It's good for audience expectation, but also enough time to push the quality of production up.


4 x long videos - 1 published every week

While it is possible for me to edit more videos in a month, I maintain a quality standard by sticking to these packages.
If you are looking for quantity over quality, or something customised, then you need to book a call with me first.

Package Pricing Plans

When you sign with me you choose a suitable package
and receive one months supply of published videos. 

SiNGLE πŸ“¦ 

 1 Editing Package delivered
within 4 to 6 weeks.


/ 1x πŸ“¦

What's included

  • YouTube Channel Audit
  • 1hr strategy call 
  • List of 25 video ideas
  • Keyword & Hashtag portfolio
  • Videos edited & published as per package description
  • 1x Revision before publishing
  • Weekly feedback & updates

Who are you working with?

Hey, I'm Dean. I been working in video for 15 years.
Half of that time in online-content-marketing.

Helping brands grow their to 10k YouTube subs is my speciality.

Deadlines & Quality

Why I only work with
3 clients at a time.

Delivering top-notch videos consistently on a set schedule is my utmost priority. Collaborating with me should ideally spark rumours like, "Wow, that guy was unbelievably reliable."

To uphold the highest standards in service quality, encompassing effective communication and outstanding creative output, I limit my client roster to 2 to 3 projects at a time, depending on the scope.

I do not outsource any of my work. You will be working directly with me throughout the period of package deployment.

Tried & Tested Packages

Build Deep Trust with Consistency

Youtube channel leads to fine art photography print sales 

Klaus Tiedge Fine Art Photography

With a fairly simple Youtube Strategy I brought this channel from under 1000 subs to 18k subs in under 100 videos. This lead to increased traffic and sales on their website.

Fast community growth with simple content plan

Quit by Healing & ikario

As the editor of these brands I was able to help grow a thriving community of over 4k members as well as contribute to 8k YT subs and 168k TikTok subs in less than a year.   

Online course sales with video tutorial campaign

With a single campaign of 10 tutorial videos I was able to add 10k subs to this channel, leading to drastically increased website visits and sales of the online course. 

Can't decide if this is right for you?

Got Questions?

Let's face it... I don't know you.... you don't know me. Who knows if my offer is what you really need? 

So how about we have a chat first? 
You will get a free, no-bullshit assessment of your channel and content needs. I'll provide value up-front! 

At the end of the day I also only want to work with people I know I can truly help.

Better for you, is better for me.

Fill in your details and I will send you a link to book a call.