October 23

Stop Alcohol Urges – Silence Your Mind (with discipline)

In this video I share how an intense 30 day detox challenge called Spartan Mode helped clear my head during a hard phase of sobriety.

It completely took my focus away from the problem of "not drinking" and directed it to discipline ad healthy living. I am 100% better for it.

Quit By Healing Channel: @QuitByHealing
Although QbH is based on beating porn addiction, the overlap to alcohol addiction is undeniable and most of the tactics and skills I have used and learned have developed from working for this channel.

Spartan Mode VideosWhat it looks like in action:    • ULTIMATE Dopamine Detox Challenge for...  
The full protocol:    • Spartan Mode: the ULTIMATE protocol f...  
The podcast results:    • Quit Porn. Reset Your Life. 30 Day Ch...  
Focus 90 Protocol: https://focusandaction.com/f90/
This is another channel I produce content for: @ikarioway

00:00 How to Quit Drinking Alcohol
00:35 Why do Spartan Mode Challenge
03:45 Habit 1: Healthy Eating
05:06 Habit 2: Exercise Daily
05:28 Habit 3: 2L Water Everyday
06:22 Habit 4: Zero Social Media
08:07 Habit 5: Learning Everyday
09:01 Habit 6: Deep Focus Sessions x3
10:29 Habit 7: Night Journalling
12:30 Habit 8: Sleep 8Hrs Everyday
13:45 Some extra notes
15:13 Quit By Healing


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I’m not good enough!

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15min Journaling – Join me
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