Got No Direction in Life?

"I don't know which way to go!"

Do you wish you had a clear direction? Do you yearn to discover your sense of purpose? A path laid out for you that resonates with your inner self?

Of course you do. 

Who doesn't want to know they are going the right way!?!

It's frightening to realise that in our hyper-connected fast-paced world, more and more people are loosing their way. More and more people are feeling stuck.

I know why you are stuck!

Because you are in your own damn way.

You are your own greatest enemy, your biggest critic, the sole obstacle impeding your progress.

Your indecisiveness, your lack of follow-through and that voice in your head reminding you that "you're not good enough" are to blame for your lack of direction.

Instead of taking action in a direction, any direction, you scroll through short videos that showcase all the lives you wish you were living. 

You are distracted from your pain. But it keeps coming back. Anxiety looms constantly you as you envision life passing you by without ever taking meaningful action.

I don't like where this is going!

These sound familiar?

“I never finish anything, so why would I finish this?"
Your past experiences have painted you as someone who can't achieve ambitious things. 

"If they can't do it, how could I?”
The experiences and opinions of others hold sway over your decisions. 

"I’m too old to start that now, it's too late for me.”
Anxiety about the future paralyses you, and you feel time slipping through your fingers.

I absolutly know the feeling!

I understand this struggle all too well. I had GRAND dreams in my early 20s. But I lost my way for over a decade, spiralling into an aimless, alcohol-fuelled existence. When I realised how far I had drifted from my ambition I unknowingly started digging my way to an early grave, making sure to ruin my relationships on the way down.

It was hell on earth.

Fuck that path!

I'm glad to tell you I found my way back to my dreams. Well at least back onto a path heading in the direction of my dreams. 

I quit drinking, drastically improved my productivity, strengthened my emotional resilience by confronted my inner demons, worked on my communication skills, lost a ton of weight and restored balance to my life, all while rediscovering my unique path. 

This is living.

My Roadmap

I want to share with you the roadmap I used to get my life back on track.

step 1


Reconnect with your ambition, using it as your guiding star.

So many people I have worked with have lost their ability to dream. Their response is always "thats unrealistic, I could never achieve that" to which I say: don't worry about that. I'm interested in what the dream means. What's behind it? What's within it? Let's look beyond the line of realistic and see what we find.

I came to realise that a dream is not necessarily always a goal to strive for, but rather just a tool, to find meaningful ambitious goals. Unrestricted dreaming reveals to you your inner most desires, your core values and if you lucky, you might even get a glimpse at what your purpose is.

I have developed are a series of exercises you can do to reawaken your dreams and begin using them as a compass to navigate some direction into your life. Using a bucket-list with 5 categories (Places, Activities, Achievements, Social & Financial) you can quickly define some ambitious goals. This is only the beginning.

While this exercise alone may never lead you to achieve your dreams, it sure as hell will set you up to be aligned with them, and that is what is most important in the first stage of this process.

step 2


Prioritise goals, build strategies and break them into skills & habits.

Once you have a long list of ambitious goals, it's time to prioritise them. Prioritising simply means ranking your bucket list entries across a few dimensions.

  • Most important to you
  • Most clear how to achieve it
  • Most realistic under current circumstances

Based on these aspects, you will select at least one or two options. One of these is going to become a goal. Next you outline a basic strategy for each strategy. You don't need to take action yet, this is still a "discovery exercise".

Now, analyse your strategies, and note down key skills that if you were proficient at them, it would drastically improve the success of achieving the first milestones. And the last step in phase 2 is to imagine what habits could you begin to do that would lead to the development of the highest leverage skill. When you have this habit, then you are finally ready to start taking action.

step 3


Revamp your lifestyle to create room for plan implementation.


step 4


Execute your plans with determination on a fixed timeline.


step 5


Establish accountability to stay on course and adapt when necessary.


The process...   is simple.

Since embarking on this journey, I've not only applied it to my life repeatedly but also guided others through it. I am confident in my ability to support you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

I have provided all the details of this transformative process in this comprehensive article HERE. There is no secret, or magic formula to this. It’s simply a strategy and execution plan. You can absolutely do this independently, but if you seek a helping hand along the way, here's what you can anticipate from working with me:


You'll make decisions with confidence.


You'll embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.


You'll regain a sense of purpose and take small steps toward big goals.


You'll trust yourself to see your journey through to the end.

You don't have to do it alone.

You don't need to persist in feeling like a failure or endlessly spinning your wheels. You'd be amazed at what external support can do for you, and I'm incredibly patient when it comes to helping others.

This is not a drill-sergeant bootcamp, but rather a supported kickstarter to your best self.

If you're ready to shed doubt, navigate away from the abyss of purposelessness and directionlessness, and start walking the path to your best life, don't hesitate to reach out for a helping hand.

I'm here to assist you every step of the way.

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