November 23

I’m way too hard on myself


My first video not about quitting alcohol. Let's go!

"I am an idiot."

It's common to have such thoughts, especially after making a mistake. In this video, I'll discuss the nuances of being tough on oneself—when it's beneficial and when it's not.

I'll help you identify the distinction and provide tips on cultivating self-compassion and improvement. The title should be "how to be kind to yourself"... but that is not as catchy as "How to Stop Self-Destructive Thoughts".

I share my mental model of balance and a simple practical exercise to practice getting better at self awareness.

Writing Styles video:

00:00 I'm so hard on myself!
01:29 How to be kind to yourself
02:22 Balance - Nothing is Static
06:09 Homeostasis
07:32 The practical advice
08:42 Emo Dumping
11:25 Feeling Better


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I’m not good enough!

I’m not good enough!

15min Journaling – Join me

15min Journaling – Join me
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