November 9

Post Relapse Clarity

After the previous video I had a lot of new insights. Here I share the most important takeaways from my recent relapse. 

1. Deeply grateful for the support - Wont let it go to my head!

2. Some of these videos are raw emotion (emo dump). Probably good to be aware of that.

3. Being kind and recognise the wins. Big picture win.

4. Reflect on the relapse and extract a new lesson.Sorry about the reduced quality in camera, lights and mic... new work in progress. 

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The Emo Dump:    • This Tool Saved My Life!  (How to Qui...  

00:00 Intro: Post Relapse Clarity
00:42 Last video was an Emo Dump
02:50 Being kind to myself
04:45 Why did this relapse happen
05:42 The Lesson - The Plan
07:47 Recap


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I’m not good enough!

I’m not good enough!

15min Journaling – Join me

15min Journaling – Join me
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