June 26

I did THIS, Before I Quit Drinking Alcohol!

There is the hard way to quit alcohol (sheer willpower) and then there is the easy way (healing from trauma).

In this video I will share the process of how I came to answering the question: "Why do I drink alcohol?"

The clarity from this experience led to what you would call "a moment of enlightenment" that made quitting that much easier. After a 30 day journaling challenge I basically fell into a a place of wanting better for myself and suddenly there was no room in my life for booze any more. I quit just like that.


00:00 Stop Drinking Alcohol
00:17 The power of introspective writing
00:52 My last drunken blowout
02:19 I accept the challenge
03:18 The switch in direction
03:55 The trauma epiphany
05:11 A new perspective
05:37 Unexpected sobriety
06:10 How to have a breakthrough experience
07:30 Start with a negativity dump (for 30 days)
08:17 This is an adventure


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I’m not good enough!

I’m not good enough!

15min Journaling – Join me

15min Journaling – Join me
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