July 10

3 Ways to Beat The Boredom of Sobriety

There is a common belief that when you quit drinking alcohol that your life becomes boring.

This is actually quite true if you don't actively do something about it.

To understand how to build the best replacement habit for alcohol you need to know what the core benefit of drinking is for you. For me it is a sense of adventure.

In this video I share how I am creating adventure in everyday life as a tool to keep things interesting.

Learn about the three easiest adventures we all have access to. They are your career, yourself and your relationships.

3 Ways to Overcome Boredom After You Stop Drinking

00:00 Quit Drinking Alcohol
00:27 Adventure in everyday life
00:45 The benefits of alcohol
02:01 The lure of the unknown
03:20 Adventure 1: Develop your career skills
04:22 Building skills is the unknown
06:34 Adventure 2: Discover yourself
08:51 Adventure 3: Build a deep meaningful relationship
10:11 Not all adventures end well
11:35 Displace Alcohol with Adventure
13:14 Understanding your replacement habit needs


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I’m not good enough!

I’m not good enough!

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15min Journaling – Join me
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