June 30

My life was better without alcohol AND still I relapsed. WHY?!

The most important skill to cultivate is being able to hear and call out your own lies. Once you got that down you can begin the journey to understanding your recovery path.

For me even 1.5 years sobriety was overridden by the lies of alcohol. The moment the first sip lands the potential for lies begins. Learn more about what triggered me back into addiction and why I started making videos to keep me sober once and for all. (Well that's the plan.)

This video is a continuation of "How long does it take to recover from alcohol" (previous post).

In this video series I look at how to quit drinking alcohol through the lens of my own addiction recovery journey.

My life was better without alcohol AND still I relapsed. WHY?!

00:00 How to Quit Drinking Alcohol (with relapses)
00:52 The tool that helps you quit
02:27 How I overcame my relapse
04:19 The bullshit we believe
04:51 Why did I relapse - Early stage
06:08 Why did I relapse - Adding Stress
08:31 The missing Ingredient: External Support
09:54 Creating Accountability
10:59 I don't want to drink anymore
12:16 Your Comments make me feel supported
13:00 Failing doesn't matter, recovery does
14:04 Recap of the process (3 Steps)
14:36 Categories of Adventure


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15min Journaling – Join me
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