June 28

The First Sign that Drinking is becoming Alcohol Abuse

The premise is this: Drinking is almost always a good time when you engage in the activity. 

So when is my drinking becoming alcohol abuse?

The problem is that when you are drinking for the wrong reasons (which is more often the case than not) then one tends to overdo it. 

This becomes a habit, because it's a good time! That leads a slippery slope down the road to alcohol dependency and alcoholism. This is the last video on introspection as a tool to help quit drinking (to understanding oneself better) for the moment.

I have a very shallow look at Nice Guy Syndrome and how alcohol had it's part to play in reinforcing this kind behaviour.

I will revisit the idea later again based on questions that might arise.

NextI will look at how long it takes to heal from this problem. Welcome to my sobriety story... lots more to come. Next Video: Overcoming Alcohol Abuse: How Long Until You're Free?

The First Sign that Drinking is becoming Alcohol Abuse

00:00 Quit Alcohol Story
00:28 Alcohol is pleasant and fun
01:25 Alcoholism can be worse than this
01:53 When is it too much? NEVER!
03:08 Fun can be an escape
03:41 Shame driven drinking habit
04:28 A life of overcompensation
05:06 Nice Guy Syndrome


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15min Journaling – Join me
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