June 29

Alcohol Abuse: How Long Until You’re Free?

Alcohol has been a wrecking-ball vice in my life. Throughout the last 15 years I have quit many times with varying degrees of success. This video series marks a new beginning as I journey into sobriety. 

In this video I discuss how long it takes to heal from alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Of course there are a lot of variables in this topic so I start at the point of what it's like to recovery from feelings of drinking guilt and how that sets up the habit for becoming an alcoholic.

Deeper into the video I address the more serious subject of healing from alcohol and what the three most important points are to have a successful recovery.

Wishing you all the best on this journey.

Part two of this video addresses why I relapsed into alcohol despite having quit for 1.5 years and drastically improving my life.

Overcoming Alcohol Abuse: How Long Until You're Free? 

00:00 Quit Drinking Alcohol Adventure
00:26 How long does it take to recover from alcohol
01:19 Recovering from excessive drinking on work days
02:42 Recovering from excessive drinking after parties
04:32 How long to recover from quitting alcohol
06:21 The Alcohol Addiction Cycle
07:20 True Healing from Alcoholism
08:30 The 3 Points of Alcohol Recovery
09:42 How do you know it's real this time
10:22 Why did I still relapse?
10:58 Everybody's Journey is Different


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I’m not good enough!

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15min Journaling – Join me
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