July 6

Alcohol Addiction: Two Types of Support

Join me on my personal journey to quit drinking alcohol and discover the vital role of support in achieving lasting sobriety. In this video I explore two crucial types of support that are essential for success.

Firstly, I delve into the significance of daily support from loved ones who truly care about your well-being. Their unwavering encouragement and understanding provide a solid foundation as you navigate the challenges of recovery.

Additionally, I discuss the transformative power of motivational support from individuals who have triumphed over addiction themselves. Their personal experiences and strategies inspire and guide you through the toughest moments.

Discover how the right support system can make a difference in your quest to quit drinking. Gain insights into the differences between daily support from loved ones and motivational support from those who understand your journey firsthand. Embark on your own transformative journey today and take the necessary steps towards a healthier, alcohol-free life.

With the right support by your side, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve lasting sobriety.

Quitting Alcohol is Not a Solo-Journey

00:00 How to quit drinking alcohol
00:58 The two types of sobriety support
01:50 Three types of friends
03:22 How a partner fits into this
05:12 You must lead your support team
06:15 People that also suffer get you deeply
07:22 You need both types of support
08:16 My support team
09:27 What's next? 


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I’m not good enough!

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15min Journaling – Join me
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