November 22

Why don’t I just go to AA?

In the previous videos I received a few comments on the subject of alcoholics anonymous, mostly indicating that I should drop this "DIY sobriety business" and get on the old big book.

Well, I thought I'd share why I have chosen not to go (back) and even go as far as why I think there is an alternative way. (for some people)

I know this is not going to go down well for may people. I recognise that AA has worked and continues to work for millions of people. I'm all for that! Power to you!

Other videos

My AA story:
My Support System:

I'm making a choice, and this explains why it's not for me.

00:00 - Is AA good or Bad?
01:08 - My Support Circles
03:43 - My Personal Development
05:00 - Problem vs Solution Focussed
08:56 - This video is problem focussed
10:39 - My Alcohol Focus is ending
11:42 - Closing Thoughts & Thanks


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15min Journaling – Join me
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