June 23

My 3 Phases of Alcoholism

In this video I look at uncovering the truth about drinking alcohol. By that I mean MY truth. 

This is the story of how a journey of introspection to understand "WHY I DRINK ALCOHOL" is important to understand if you serious about quitting.

In the next video I will talk about how journaling helped me with this introspection process.


00:00 Quit Drinking Alcohol
00:11 I am an Alcoholic
00:54 Why I drink Alcohol: 3 Phases
02:01 Phase 1: The happy drinker
02:36 Phase 2: The relaxing drinker
02:55 Phase 3: The coping drinker
03:07 The happy drinker is powerful
05:04 Self Discover is the path to Recovery
06:33 Introspection as a tool
07:26 Introspection as an adventure


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I’m not good enough!

15min Journaling – Join me

15min Journaling – Join me
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