Seeking Adventure In Everyday Life

Getting back to real life experiences.

Help, I'm consuming my life away!

Sugar. Alcohol. Videos. Games. Apps. Memes. Gadgets. Medication. Narcotics. 

As I got older I seem to have stacked up more and more of these "micro addictions". My motivation to seek out adventure in real life just faded away. I consumed my adventures on a screen, watching other people's experiences and achievements on YouTube instead of creating my own.

It's gut wrenching to think how many hours I've watched garbage on the internet while eating junk and or drinking booze. I was constantly tired from the challenges of the daily grind. I stopped surfing. I stopped hiking. Camping. Creating. Playing. Socialising. And worst of all... I stopped growing.

And then, in 2020, something changed. I refuse to be just another consumer of content, products, and other people's experiences.

Welcome to my blog, where I share stories of what changed, how it happened and what I am doing to reclaim adventure in my everyday life. 

Here, you'll discover the practices I use to balance my life as a hard working husband and outdoor enthusiast. Join me as I navigate this ever-changing world and discover new adventures along the way.

I hope to inspire you to pursue a full, rich and meaningful life.

All the best,

Shifting my Definition of Adventure

I always envisioned adventure as climbing Kilimanjaro, surfing unchartered waves in Sumatra or filming wildlife documentaries in the Masai Mara.  And while these picturesque ideas are indeed the epitome of adventure, I realised that what I was seeking was actually right in front of me all along.

I discovered opportunities for an exiting life in these four Everyday Life domains.

Income: Building a Business and or my Career

Building a business/career can be a terrifying, messy, lonely and unforgiving drudgery.

I spent over a decade lost in this process, falling victim to workaholism. The harder I tried, the more felt like a failure.

By reframing the entrepreneurial journey into an adventure, I was able to find the results I was previously so desperately seeking. 

Here I share my experiences and lessons learned of how to enjoy the very challenging path of entrepreneurship.

The Journey Inward:
Getting to Know Myself

The commitment to self-discovery has been the most incredible adventure of my life.

Through journalling & shadow-work I have cultivated deeper self-awareness and transformed my life from the brink of alcoholism.

If you enjoy exploring uncharted territory, look no further than within yourself.

The more I learn about myself, the more I realise I don't know myself. Self-discovery is a never ending opportunity for adventure.

My Connection to Nature:
Developing "Outdoor Skills"

I am at my best when I am spending time playing in the forest, desert or ocean. 

In the pursuit of immersing myself deeper in these environments my life has lead me to develop skills such as surfing, climbing, videography & photography. 

These skills have enriched my life and afforded me opportunities to go on real adventures, such as filming my first documentary in Kenya.

My Connection to people:
Deepening my Relationships

Developing my communication and social skills has dramatically enhanced my relationships & created a life filled with companionship. 

Embracing my introverted AND sociable nature has allowed me to strengthen my bond with my wife and cultivate meaningful friendships.  

Turns out relationships are the the most challenging, but also most rewarding adventure of them all.